Renegade Rambler 100

Race Date: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22th, 2025

The Renegade Rambler is a grassroots gravel event that centers on the rich heritage of northeast Texas.  When the Civil War ended in 1865, fighting did not cease immediately.  In fact, the drama continued on in some places for years after. One of the biggest areas this drama played itself out was in the Corners region of northeast Texas, where Grayson, Fannin, Hunt, and Collin Counties converge, in an area known as “Wildcat Thicket.” This thicket was massively dense, and was home to panthers, wolves, bears, and wildcats... It was said that if you wandered into it, that you might never make your way out again. For this reason, it was an ideal haven for army deserters, outlaws, and renegades. 

While many of the names have since changed, the region is home to some of the best gravel roads in our area.

In recognition of it's history, and taking advantage of all of those awesome gravel roads, the Renegade Ramblers are proud to present... the Renegade Rambler 100 -- a 100 mile self-supported gravel race that tours various parts of the wildcat thicket and that area known as the Corners!

As with the GNG, the Renegade Rambler helps the Northeast Texas Trail (NETT) with the proceeds from the event. You can read more about the NETT on their website or on their Facebook page. Your support helps us in massive ways to provide funding for improvements along the trail.  Through various grants, our dollars are multiplied 4x over! That's HUGE!!!

For 2025, the Renegade Rambler will feature 3 different route options -- a 35 mile, 65 mile, and 100 mile route.

We are raising the stakes for this one! Cash prizes and awards for the Top 3 in men's and women's groups for the 100 mile; prizes and awards for top 3 men's and women's in the 65 mile; while the 35 mile will serve more as a fun, open ride for those who want an intro or just laid back, but challenging ride.


Each of the routes take you on a variety of surfaces, from gravel to dirt, with a few sections of paved roads. Each starts and finishes in Farmersville, TX (not far from Greenville), where where we will be having lots of other activities for families / friends to enjoy and cheer you on. 

We will utilize a staggered start for the RR100.  The tentative start time for the 100 mile race is 8am, the 65 mile race is 9am, and the 35 mile ride is 10am, but each is subject to change to accommodate the different routes. Routes will be released leading up to the event.


We are working with potential sponsors / vendors to come up with some awesome goodies for your swag bags. Check back often for the latest news on our swag! We're still looking to add sponsors, so look forward to more sweet goodies!

***Though we are working hard to make sure EVERY rider receives each of the various items from our sponsors, due to some restrictions, we can only guarantee swag for the first 200 riders! 


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Rolan Ranido |Venny Jane Photography| Preston Patton | Kevin Whitley |Thomas Jenkins | Andrew Ybarra 

We're so thankful for the team of photographers who came out to document the Renegade Rambler for us!  They each did an amazing job capturing so many different stories of the riders and volunteers that come out to Ramble with us!  Your time and effort are greatly appreciated!  Thank you for killing it this year!!!

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